Mobile Maker Lab


Uncommon Art in Uncommon Places

The goal of uncommon art in uncommon places goal is to meet people where they are. You go for a weekend hike, and there is art in the parking lot; you go to the library, and there is art; you're confined to a hospice, and there is art. We acquired a job site trailer, and are loading it with tools, materials, and equipment and we are coming to a parking lot near you. 


People find random opportunities to make art exhilarating. It helps people gain knowledge about the arts and art processes through hands-on experiences. We are using the food truck model of posting a schedule on social media.

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This project 


Mobile Workspace

Our mobile lab is a work in progress and is currently being outfitted with equipment and materials. We will make this trailer available for making opportunities in the community. We can bring our mobile lab and equipment to your site.


If you have an event and would like to MAKE it better send an email to