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Make 99 Things

Maker Space 307 is launching a program called "Make 99 Things," challenging people to make while demonstrating how we are all makers by including everything from making a snow person to drawing. The project is generated through a single page with a game-like checkerboard of 99 squares to present the Make 99 Things (Make 99) project. 

So many people say they did not make much on their own because they lacked knowledge of materials and ideas. We believe Make 99 will improve most people's chances of making, recognizing that we are all makers - and creating a stronger maker community.


Research shows engaging your mind in making arts, crafts, and purpose-built objects improve people's mood, confidence, and mental health; develops strategic thinking, decreases cognitive decline, and helps people experience the state of “flow.” All these positives mean making makes us healthier people at any age.

maker matrix.png

Simple Color-coded activities to help make it easy. Check out the links below for help completing your 99 Makes

Black Squares

White Squares

Make at home.


Share your makes on social media.

Did you make one of the 99 things? Share on social medial with the hastag #make99 and tag @makerspace307 we would love to see what you came up with.

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